Penguin Media Hire are passionate about sound.

We want you to have the perfect event, and providing the right equipment and expertise is a good a place to start as any!

We have many combinations of sound system – from iPod party speakers, to the most technologically advanced festival system in the world – and every space in between.

The occasions we’re asked to provide PA systems for vary wildly, but include weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, seminars and conferences, festivals, and nightclub personal appearances – sometimes the installed system is set up for DJ only use, we can provide stage monitoring, an experienced sound engineer, and the right tools to enable them to make your event sing!

We use only the best equipment in the pro-audio world, from the most well respected manufacturers – this offers you quality, reliability, and brand recognition.

Our engineers are highly skilled, and are trained by the manufacturers, to use the equipment selected for you – All Martin Audio MLA Mini and Compact systems for example, are accompanied by a Martin Audio trained and certified MLA-Tech – so you know you’re in good hands.

Drop us a line, and tell us about your occasion – we’ll select the best system, along with the right team, to fit your needs as well as your budget.

For an up to date equipment list and prices contact us