The prime consideration when dealing with any electrical system, in any situation, is that it meets or exceeds certain standards required.

Two that are particularly relevant are BS7671 : 2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations, sometimes referred to as  ‘The 18th Edition’ or ‘The Wiring Regs’. In addition, also relevant is BS7909 : 2011 The Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Systems for Entertainment and Related Purposes. Out technicians are well versed in these documents and qualified to undertake works at your event – not only that, they have years of real world experience.

Ensuring your systems have enough juice is often overlooked – but to keep your event safe and to make sure it doesn’t end prematurely, planning is essential.

Audio systems are getting more efficient, and the amplifier systems we use are incredibly smart, enabling power limiting for restricted supplies – however, headroom is needed to keep things going. We undertake all necessary power calculations to make sure either the generator ordered is of a sufficient size and not over stressed, or the permanent mains supply isn’t used past its capabilities.

Lighting has traditionally been challenging, with a high power draw associated with it – with technology advances in LED lighting this has helped, it may well be with small alterations to your lighting scheme, large savings can be made in your power budget.

Also something to consider when dealing with large LED video screens is the specialist equipment needed to deal with the earth leakage current present – we have experience with these systems and can advise on a suitable specification whilst keeping the system and your event safe.

We can supply and manage temporary power in the form of generators, as well as all the associated distro / power distribution, and suitably selected cabling according to regulations. We can also perform BS7909 sign off’s and provide certificates for temporary installations, and have undertaken the specific training to do so.

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