From a few par can lights across the front of a band in a pub, to a full festival stage with those latest ‘must have’ fixtures...

We can supply the design, the products and the technical staff to make your project happen. There’s many ways lighting can enhance an event; we can follow guidelines set out by you, or we can fully manage this aspect and design something from scratch. We use industry standard equipment across all facets of our hire company, so you have reliability, quality and consistency.

We hold stock of items such as:

  • Par cans (LED or traditional)
  • LED bars
  • LED battery uplighters
  • Moving head fixtures (spots, washes, beams, MiniMe digital projectors)
  • Dimmer packs
  • Lasers
  • Effects (smoke machines, hazers, bubble machines, pyro)
  • UV lighting
  • DMX control desks and touchscreen systems

From manufacturers including:

  • Robe
  • Martin Professional
  • Look Solutions
  • Chauvet
  • Avolites
  • Chamsys
  • Le Maitre

For an up to date equipment list and prices contact us